our 2022-23 Executive Team

We currently are a team of 50+ teens across 15 different states. A few of our team members are profiled below.

Shreya Joshi


Anushri Dwivedi

Executive Director

Shane Mitchell

Director of Operations

Catherine Callinan

Co-Director of Management


Co-Director of Management

Brady Zeng

Co-Director of Curriculum

Michelle Liou

Co-Director of Curriculum

Leanne Griffiths

Co-Director of Campaigns

Shom Joshi

Co-Director of Campaigns

Sabrina Paris

Director of Policy

Mazia Leonard

Director of Outreach

Yasmin Salerno

Director of Social Media

National Team

Project TEAL's National Team works to develop the national framework for education and advocacy programs.

Project TEAL's State Leads establish task forces in their respective state to carry out partnerships, organize statewide campaigns, and work with school districts.