Our mission is simple: revitalize our democracy by providing knowledge and engaging youth in civics. We do this through education and advocacy

Our Philosophy

Political polarization has become an increasingly common reality worldwide. From Twitter feuds to name calling to an apparent unwillingness to listen to individuals who lie on the other side of the political aisle, division is the new norm. 

This division inherently stems from a lack of civic education for young people. Although STEM and Arts are generally emphasized, political literacy is often forgotten, especially in a classroom setting. If we ever want to achieve any kind of sustainable change, the first step is providing young people with the necessary resources and tools to engage in meaningful and impactful civic advocacy. 


As Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." At Project TEAL, we uphold these values and work directly with school districts to implement civics-based curricula and provide teachers with resources to foster change in students. Our workshops seek to help both middle and high school understand crucial topics in our modern society and government. Below is an expanded list of our ever-growing curricula. Through these educational programs, we seek to empower students by providing them necessary civics education. Our curriculum is currently shared with 400+ educators in 45 states. 

Topics Covered in our Curriculum

Workshops for Elementary & Middle School Students (2019)

More Workshops for Elementary & Middle School Students (2020-2022)

Workshops for High School Students (2020-2022)


By inspiring students to participate in democracy and voice their opinions, we believe we can help revitalize our democracy with the power of young people. Project TEAL seeks to empower students to take action and advocate for their beliefs by providing advocacy resources and opportunities. 


Through monthly campaigns and initiatives, Project TEAL inspires and helps students take action on pressing issues and participate in essential advocacy work. During February, Project TEAL is running a Black History Month campaign, celebrating and honoring historical black figures in American and world history. Click below to see our list of useful resources we hope to empower students to take action with.

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