Our Partners

Great Schools Partnership

The Great Schools Partnership is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school-support organization working to redesign public education and improve learning for all students. We are a team of passionate, committed educators and school leaders who bring decades of collective service in public schools.

Working at all levels of the education system, from the classroom to the statehouse, the Great Schools Partnership provides school and district coaching, professional development, and technical assistance to educators, schools, districts, organizations, and government agencies. We also create tools and resources for educators and communities, administer public and private grant programs, and coordinate large-scale school-improvement initiatives for foundations and states.

National Civic League

The mission of the National Civic League is to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities. We achieve this by inspiring, supporting and recognizing inclusive approaches to community decision-making. Founded in 1894 by a group of civic leaders that included Theodore Roosevelt and Louis Brandeis, the National Civic League is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. 

Youth Voices first

​Inspired by the First amendment, FIRST aims to empower the youth to freely express themselves and share their opinions with the world, without fear of judgement and diminishment. We seek to promote young voices and initiatives while encouraging listeners to take action and make informed decisions. Knowledge is power, and with the resources to make educated decisions, our generation can harbor change in our world.

Foreign Policy Youth Collaborative

The Foreign Policy Youth Collaborative (FPYC) by teens, for teens. Comprised of teenagers from across America, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization started as a byproduct of CIEE’s World Government study abroad program. After meeting with representatives of the EU and international nonprofits, the lack of young adults’ voices in policy was troubling: it was time to do something about it. FPYC aims to be a safe space for teenagers to share perspectives, and maybe learn a new one while they’re here. After all, young people will have to live with the policy decisions of today. Get ready to talk about it!

State of the Students

State of the Students is a nonpartisan student-led organization that serves to bridge the gap between students & their elected officials and encourage youth participation in the civic process. We believe that a functioning democracy starts with impactful, experiential civic education.

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