Team Bios

Get to know more about some of our national team members below!

Shreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi is a first-year student at Stanford University. During her sophomore year of high school, she founded Project TEAL with the goal of encouraging youth involvement in the political process. She is deeply passionate about creating spaces for productive political discourse and combating political polarization, which was the focus of her TED Talk at the TED2022 Conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In her free time, you can probably find her curled up with a good book or scrolling through TikTok.

Anushri Dwivedi

Anushri Dwivedi joined Project TEAL because she resonated with the organization's unique mission and believes that the power to educate youth about civic engagement and the American Government system, especially as a teenager growing up surrounded by the current political climate, is the greatest aid that can be given to the next generation of activists and change makers. She hopes that as a team, Project TEAL can make an impact & get a conversation started about how young people can be more involved in the decisions that concern them.

Shane Mitchell

Shane Mitchell is a rising high school senior and Project TEAL's director of operations! His passion for civics began after joining his school's Model Congress team as a sophomore. Outside of debate, Shane enjoys playing volleyball, computer programming, and walking around Princeton with friends! Shane's always happy to meet new people, so if you ever need anything, feel free to reach out to him.

Catherine Callinan

Catherine is currently a junior at Biotechnology High School and from New Jersey. They've been interested in civil activism since middle school after learning more about different ways to protest. Outside of that, she is also interested in music production, reading, and hiking.


Evelyn is a rising sophomore from Maryland. She is passionate about civics, math, and music. A fun fact about her is that she is in a folk band!

Brady Zeng

Brady Zeng is a senior at Plano West Senior High in Dallas, Texas. He joined Project TEAL because he's interested in political science and highly values youth involvement in politics. Outside of Project TEAL, he currently serves as the Executive Administrator at the Institute for Youth in Policy. He is also an avid debater, having been ranked first in the country in Public Forum Debate from 2021-2022. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball with friends, listening to some Frank Ocean or The Weeknd, and spending time with his dog.

Michelle Liou

Michelle is currently a high school senior. Outside of policy writing and debate, her hobbies include swimming, golfing, and playing the guitar.

Leanne Griffiths

Leanne Griffiths is a rising high school senior. Her favorite things to do include playing piano, playing with her dogs, and sleeping. Leanne's passions also include history and sociology. She's looking forward to this year and joining the team!

Shom Joshi

Shom Joshi is a 15 year-old sophomore from Naperville, Illinois. Through Project TEAL, he hopes to involve his peers in political activism and work towards creating spaces that value diverse political dialogue and ideas. He firmly believes that exposure to civic education is the key to achieving this goal, which is why he joined Project TEAL. In addition to his role at Project TEAL, he also serves on his state representative's Youth Advisory Council and advocates for social justice causes. In his free time, Shom can be found playing Xbox with friends or eating Panera.

Sabrina Paris

Sabrina is a rising senior from Connecticut. She loves art, history, government, and foreign policy. A fun fact about her is that she is a twin!

Mazia Leonard

Mazia Leonard is a rising senior in high school and is passionate about building and preserving a strong democracy through education and awareness. Some fun facts about her is that she is originally from Brazil and her favorite beverage is a Diet Coke! She is beyond excited to be working with Project TEAL this next year.

Yasmin Salerno

Yasmin Salerno is a rising senior in high school. Her activities include co directing the Black Lives Matter Seacoast Youth Division based in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, as well as acting as co head of two affinity spaces at her school, and engaging in political volunteer work in her free time. Her hobbies also include debate and reading from political theorists/philosophers. A fun fact about her is that she attends a boarding school.